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angry playlist

The Angry Playlist

The Angry Playlist Have you at any point been so angry you simply need to put on some music and shout along to it as loud as possible? This furious music may...
Love songs

Love Songs : Falling in Love

Love Songs : Falling in Love Love songs : "a strong feeling of affection" “Not a Bad Thing”, Justin Timberlake “Just the Way You Are”, Bruno Mars “Little Things”, One Direction “Crazy...
saddest songs

The Most Saddest Songs Ever

The Saddest Songs Ever Saddest Songs are those songs in which our feeling get hurts or showing sorrow because we are unhappy.Songs are the power of a spirit so when anyone is...


JAVA vs JavaScript vs Objective C – What to learn first?

JAVA Difficulty ∗∗∗  Popularity ∗∗∗∗∗   Created in... 1995 Java is a programming language that developers used to create application on your computer. Chances are you have downloaded...