Tips On How To Learn Photography


What Is Photography?

Photography is the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor) or basically, it is the art of taking and practicing photographs. It is said to have originated from Greek roots i.e. photos meaning light and graph being representation by means of lines or drawing. Photography is an attempt to keep your subject alive for the sake of commemoration or simply capturing the beauty of life so as to remind one to smile again and treasure the memories with no fear of forgetting or repressing. If you are looking for tips on how to Learn photography, then this article is about the same.


Like all the tips on how to Learn photography, photography can be quite addictive and those who have mastered it knows how efficient and fun it can be. Many are interested in learning it but fail to do so because of not having access to the proper tools. Well, here we will provide you with tips on how to Learn photography if you’re a beginner with a huge passion for photography.


Tips On How To Learn Photography

1) Buying A Camera

A camera is the most essential element when it comes to learning photography. According to many out there, having the most perfect gear i.e. good quality camera like a DSLR, proper tripod stand etc. are extremely important. As much as I agree with this, the more I believe that photography is more than just hanging a DSLR around your hands and randomly clicking whatever you see.

buying a camera

We discussed earlier that photography is an art, and just like every other art, it requires effort, attention and pure passion. You must open your eyes, see the things that attract you, see the uniqueness of a specific object. Take a building, for example, a normal person will simply click and have a specific building with him as a memory. A true photographer, on the other hand, will capture that one precise element which makes the building special hence creating a perfect moment to treasure forever.

2) Knowing Your Gear

Once you’ve selected a camera, then the next thing in line is to learn how it works, to uncover its secrets, to solve the most intriguing mystery. Don’t be afraid to experiment rather experimenting is highly encouraged because the more you practice, the more you perfect it. Explore your gear, find out all the necessary things or simply find the treats they offer. The most important thing that captures our attention when it comes to gear is the ‘Exposure Triangle’. The Exposure Triangle basically explains the relationship between ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. As a learning photographer, this is the first thing you must master inside and out.

You should know that aperture affects depth of field that shutter speed affects the capturing of motion, that both aperture and shutter speed affect how much light hits the sensor, and that ISO is used to compensate for too little light. Shutter speed is arguably the most important aspect to master because it allows for the most creativity. Want to make cars slow down and focus? Want to capture the rain droplets falling perfectly? Well, this is the way to do it.

3) Having A Proper Subject

As a beginner, this is something that you will have extreme problems with. In the beginning, every single photographer captures anything or everything. From walls to cars to buildings and sceneries or random people, they go for everything which isn’t bad but the key to becoming the ultimate best or simply mastering the art is to have a proper subject. This brings us back to the point that it’s you, your interests, your attractions that can make this possible. Look for things or views that make you happy, find the source that makes you sad, add a bit of life to it and sprinkle some creativity, you’ll have the perfect gourmet in front of you. This is one of the best approaches to tips on how to Learn photography,

having a proper subject

4) Pay Attention To Your Surroundings

What makes a photo great? If someone asks you to take a picture of them and you simply center your photo on her/him then you’ve done the job. You just took a picture or basically trapped a soul. However if instead of just centering, you add a bit of the background along with some intricate details surrounding you, you’ll get a photograph. You would have captured the surrounding beauty along with the subject hence creating something special. Every shift in the environment, every movement, whatever catches your eye, capture it. They won’t be good for the first time or the second time or maybe the third time but there will come one day when you would have learned to find beauty in the simplest things and slowly your photographs will acquire a meaning.

5) Enjoy The Learning Process

It is highly understood that the day you look at something as a chore, you will never be happy with it. While learning photography, one must be patience. You should enjoy every single step of your journey. Be that a success or a failure. Imagine every great photographer out there had once stood at your place. The very start so if you take it as a burden, you’ll never enjoy its beauty.


Enjoy The Learning Process

You’ll never notice the smallest things which happen to escape our sight. Just like when a writer writes, he/she notices everything small and big and turns it into huge. That’s how you’ve got to do it, notice everything with zeal, slowly you’ll realize there’s more to the surrounding than we’ve been led to believe. Enjoy your every step and soon enough you’ll have mastered the art itself.

6) Workshops

Attend multiple workshops as they have a great hand in broadening your horizons. They teach you the most important things to consider during photography and let’s be honest, you need all the help you can get. They help you recognize your skill and how to define it to the purest level hence attending a workshop would be extremely fruitful for you. The best part is that many photographers want to travel and by attending workshops in different places helps you achieve that dream as well.

7) Internships Or Apprenticeship

This has got to be the best way to master your skill as well as learn new things on the way by overcoming challenges and many more. By having an internship or being an apprentice to a certain photographer, you learn a lot of things, their vast perimeters. Also, it’s different to read something and then actually perform it in a field. This covers that problem and molds you into something better than before. If you’re a beginner then internships or apprenticing for somebody will be extremely beneficial. Besides learning the basics, you understand the concept of lights, focus, white lights, bokeh and many other features which we don’t bother with but are extremely essential for a good picture.

8) Tutorials

You can learn a great deal about photography by looking at a few tutorials as well. The tutorials guide you step by step showing you the best way to handle your equipment along with techniques to get the best picture. The show you the perfect way to set your angles and to adjust your lights as well as the camera functions which most importantly includes the exposure triangle. There are different tutorials for every function of the camera. Once you’ve seen all of them, it won’t be difficult anymore to adjust your camera to the desired theme and get the picture you want.

Final Verdict

Photography is not something you can master within a day, as discussed above it requires time, effort, passion but most of all patience. However, don’t discourage yourself if you aren’t able to achieve your desired work. Slowly and gradually you work through your mistakes and create something exquisite after knowing these tips on how to Learn photography.

Let’s wrap it up in a few tips on how to Learn photography:

  • Never stop yourself from taking photos. Take pictures of everything and slowly you get to the core element of all photography: creativity
  • Promote your photos on social media sites. You’ll get some critique, but you’ll get some encouragement as well. A little incentive is always required to achieve big things.
  • Don’t ignore the mundane objects around. A particular object is special in everyone’s eyes and hence doesn’t matter who captures it. But to turn something simple into special is what everyone else around the world admires. So work hard in that area.


  • Try photo essays, basically having 10 to 15 photos with the same theme. They help you in exploring and getting creative with your skill. The more you look into a specific theme, the more you can brainstorm ideas.
  • Get some photo buddies, in a way you’ll be assisting them in their work. At the same time, demonstrating your skill also having a mutual interest with someone can increase your level of motivation.
  • Always take your camera with you. Wherever you go, get down ideas and take notes or simply a reminder of what you’re going to shoot.

Keep on doing this for a few days. You won’t need anyone else to remind you of what the world along with your skill has to offer. Those were the tips on how to Learn photography.


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