Tips and tricks for Gmail, Spam mails will be deleted automatically on Gmail, storage not fill quickly, adopt this smart trick.

Tips and tricks for Gmail

Tips and tricks for Gmail

In today’s time, almost everyone has their own email account and most of these people use Gmail. If you are also a Gmail user, then we have such a trick for you, which will automatically delete all the unnecessary emails coming into your mailbox. Let’s know-how.

  • This trick of Gmail is awesome.
  • Spam emails will be deleted automatically
  • Use this great feature of Gmail.

Gmail Tips and Tricks: Google’s mail app, Gmail is a very popular platform and most people use this platform. Today we are going to tell you about such a clever trick, with the help of which all the unnecessary emails coming on your Gmail account will be automatically deleted. Let’s take a look at this feature of Gmail.

Gmail Tips and Tricks: Useless Emails on Gmail.

Generally, to access any app, we need to enter our email ID into it. When most people use Gmail, it is obvious that we get many types of mail there. Apart from work emails, spam emails take up a lot of space on Gmail and sometimes those useless emails lead to miss work mails. Today we will tell you a trick by which these spam emails on Gmail will be automatically deleted.

Gmail Tips and Tricks: This is how spam emails will be automatically deleted.

If you are wondering how this can happen, then let’s know about its process. To delete unwanted emails automatically, Gmail offers you a special feature, ‘Filters for Auto-Delete’. Let us know further how this feature can be used.

Gmail Tips and Tricks: Follow These Steps.

First of all, open your Gmail account. Now in the search bar, you will see a ‘Filter’ option. It may also happen that you do not see the option of ‘Filter’ in the search bar. If this happens then you do not need to worry. In this case, you will find this option in the settings, in the tab of ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’, in which you just have to click on ‘Create Filter.

After clicking on the ‘Filter’ option, you will see that ‘From’ will be written at the top. Simply type in the name or email address of the emails you want to delete. In this way, those mail addresses will be selected, whose mails you do not like.

In this way, easily spam mails will be automatically deleted.


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