SEO Checklist
SEO Checklist


Market Research

market research


Niche Research

niche marketting


Competitor Research

competitor research

  • Get competitor link profiles and sources.
  • List top competitors on SERPs for keywords.

Keyword Research

keyword research



Google Adwords- Keyword Planner is enough.

Data Gathering

data gathering


  • What’s the current status of the website vs its competitors?
  • Your business information (Business Name, Address, Phone Numbers, etc.)
  • Activate Analytics on site traffic.
  • Crawl the whole website with a tool like Screaming Frog.
  • Get existing backlinks.

Webmaster tools

google webmaster tools

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Check for crawl errors
  • Check for penalties
  • Check if the sitemap has been submitted already
  • Check HTML improvements needed
  • Check for broken links
  • Bing Webmaster Center
  • Just for the sake of it


on-page seo



  • Add XML Sitemap
  • Add Navigation
  • Add Menus
  • Use Breadcrumbs
  • Add Robots.txt file
  • Check for Canonical
  • For Pagination: Add Rel= “next” and Rel= “prev”
  • Noindex thin pages (Tags/Category pages that don’t have unique content)
  • Fix all problems found in Webmaster Tools
  • Meta Tags
  • Title
  • Have the keyword in the title
  • Check for H1 tag and use the keyword in there if possible
  • Use long-tail keywords to capture traffic earlier
  • Check meta tag
  • Fix all pages missing Meta Titles (Stick to 60 characters)
  • Fix all pages missing Meta Descriptions (Stick to 150 characters)
  • Fix all images missing Alt Text
  • Check h# tags (e.g. <h1>, <h2>, etc.)
  • Check tag order


  • Check mobile-friendliness (Responsive Design or Mobile Website)
  • Check multi-browser-friendliness
  • Check/improve speed
  • Use CDN
  • Use good hosting
  • Compress images
  • Use different ways to cache
  • Check with Google Insights for Further Fixes


  • Check for Duplicate Content
  • Review visual design
  • Use multimedia
  • Optimize media size
  • Add tags to media
  • Schema
  • Keywords
  • LSI keywords
  • Silo/Put content in proper categories
  • Publish the usual static pages (Privacy/Terms/Sitemap/About/Contact/Etc.)
  • “Try” to keep indexed pages static
  • Do internal linking
  • Have quality outbound links
  • Refresh/update content regularly
  • Monitor Bounce Rate

Externalize Code (CSS)


  • Incorporate primary keywords
  • Use absolute URLs
  • Simplify dynamic URLs with mod_re-write (Say no to dynamic URLs when possible)
  • Use 301 redirects for rewritten URLs
  • Set up non-www to www redirect (and vice versa)


  • The test site for the current schema
  • Refine/add markup for the possible schema (Official Logo, Articles, etc.)
  • Using WordPress?
  • Use



  • Set up Alerts for your brand
  • Do a link intersect between your competitors for priority links
  • Check your content and see which is ranking, find competing sites for that and get their links
  • Be on Pinterest and join relevant group boards
  • Do expert roundups (not too much)
  • Blog commenting on websites to build relationships
  • Get on sites that offer awards
  • Contribute to newsletters
  • Find events you can sponsor
  • Submit to curating platforms (Flipboard/
  • Build up relationships to get on big publisher websites
  • Don’t forget Reddit and Stumbleupon
  • Submit to Slideshare
  • Find resource pages
  • Subscribe to HARO (set up email filters)
  • Create badges your community can use on their sites
  • Find links pointing to your social media accounts (or from competitors)
  • Find crowdfunding projects you can support that offer links
  • Find Q&A sites to build authority and links on
  • Find an author you look up to and research how they got there using Google queries
  • Build up category-specific sites, link to those and 301 to category pages
  • Find unlinked URLs and brand mentions
  • Use competitor research data to get links
  • Create social media profiles
  • Broken link building
  • Guest posting on influencer websites
  • Look for quote directories
  • Get on institution websites
  • Find a local chamber of commerce website
  • Don’t overlook the newer bloggers
  • Do guest podcasting
  • Get on LinkedIn Pulse
  • Find community websites such as kingged
  • Find sites using your images and ask them to link back
  • Get on magazine and newspaper websites
  • Hashtag request (#prrequest, #journorequest)
  • Do a link bait
  • Use a service? Submit a testimonial
  • Find charities with websites to support
  • Find forums to build a  profile on and answer relevant questions for links
  • Supplier websites
  • Comment Scouting
  • Find successful content, do it better (Skyscraper Technique)


  • Social Media
  • Create social media accounts
  • Add social sharing buttons to the site
  • Add the schema to link to your official social profiles
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Be an entity if you aren’t already
  • Rank Tracking
  • Reputation monitoring and management
  • Claim your name on other networks
  • Continue to monitor Alerts for your brand
  • Other Avenues to improve branding, referrals and traffic
  • YouTube SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Use analytics to bring up the best
  • Continue to speed up your website
  • Set up and start tracking goals
  • Be sure you do not remove the page when tracking goals and changing funnels
  • Check pages’ bounce rates
  • Be sure you don’t cause duplicate content when A/B testing
  • Track if you are ranking the correct page (that is converting)
  • Regular Server configuration checks
  • Keep up to date with the latest Google guideline changes


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