Habits of Unsuccessful People Vs Successful People

We all have that friend who is forever complaining and never seems to get anything done properly.

We probably have another friend too, one full of vitality and magically able to accomplish so much in very little time.

Achieving success in life is not something one gets by fluke or luck but is something for which a combination of skills, timing, hard work and luck is needed.  Successful people share many common habits with each other and this is enough to prove that success may have a certain recipe and path.

Some of the habits of highly successful people include tracking progress, learning from mistakes, thinking of long term goals, being humble, taking risks while maintaining balance in life, being organizational, embracing changes and handling problems well.

On the other hand, some habits which are common among unsuccessful people are wasting time, getting distracted easily, blaming others, not setting goals, fearing change, holding grudges and wanting others to fail, negative thoughts and thinking that they know everything.

Habits of unsuccessful people-

  • Act before they think
  • Think they know it all
  • Try to bring others down to their level
  • Stop learning
  • Fear change
  • Give up easily
  • Horde information & data
  • Talk more than they listen
  • Blame others
  • Waste their time
  • Criticize
  • Never set goals
  • Get distracted everyday
  • Secretly hope other fail
  • Hold a Grudge
  • Have a sense of entitlement
  • Take the easy way out
  • Don’t know what they want to be
  • Always angry on others

Habits of successful people-

  • Track progress
  • Learn from Mistakes
  • Spend time with Right People
  • Maintain Proper Balance in Life
  • Write down Goal & Targets
  • Think long term
  • Compliment others
  • Make to-do lists
  • Know Purpose & mission
  • Want others to succeed
  • Accept responsibility for their failure
  • Have Burning Desire
  • Work with Passion, Commitment
  • Learn, improve, read everyday
  • Take risks
  • Handle problems well
  • Being humble
  • Share information and data
  • Exude joy
  • Forgive others
  • Talk about ideas
  • Embrace change

Chances of Success-

  • I Did – 100%
  • I Am – 90%
  • I Can – 80%
  • I Think I Can – 70%
  • I Might – 60%
  • I Think I Might – 50%
  • I Want to – 40%
  • I Wish I Could – 30%
  • I Don’t Know How – 20%
  • I Can’t – 10%
  • I Won’t – 0%



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