Key Factors For SEO

For 2016 and Beyond


For 2016 beyond, what are the fairly new important elements in which we should pay attention to, in order to stay updated in the SEO practice?

Delight The User. User Experience. User Satisfaction.

Mobile Responsive- With increasingly more people globally using their mobile devices and phone to search for information online, Google place high importance on this as one of the key factors and demotes non-responsive sites.

Page Loading Speed- Speed not only affects organic ranking but also offers user satisfaction. The slower it loads, then Google Bots will not stay in your site and leave, meaning it will not get indexed fast too.

Bounce Rate- When visitors leave immediately or less than 10 seconds after they land on your website, this constitutes to a bounce rate and you get penalized for this as a result.

Social Metrics- Make sure your content is shareable. Improve your social signals and implement viral components in your website by having social media sharing buttons and reviews etc.

High level of social sharing activities indicates to search engines that you are engaged to your visitors.

Quality Content- Content do not limit to blogs, it can comprise of videos, Infographics, quizzes, podcast, pictures. Quality content makes visitors stay and revisit your site often and this improves your online traffic and stickiness too.

Images Related- Use alt tags as they assist search engine crawlers to comprehend the images then index your images much faster. Keep the file size of the images under 100kb, so that your pages load faster. Consider using unique images as visual content gain importance.

Keyword Considerations- Use keyword in your headline text as they describe what a specific page is all about. Search engines generally give H1 tag more weightage.

Consider using long tail keywords as short keywords can be highly competitive.

Quality And Natural Backlinks- The number of high quality backlinks from high authority sites, from within the same country, reputable directories, Google + all adds up and help to give your site trust and credibility, resulting in ranking higher.

Internal links are self –  referential and helps to get visitors to stay longer within your site.

Claim Your Business- Ensure that your business is listed correctly, customized and claimed on Google Plus Location and Maps.

To sum it all up, for 2016, focus on your audience or user experience. Aim to delight the user and look into user satisfaction. That will enable your website a ranking boost in SEO.




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