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To all the PUBG lovers, the Pubg Mobile Latest Update has brought several changes with their weapons and vehicles which they usually do, but this time they came up with a new concept of a companion. Everyone needs a companion so, PUBG gives you a pet companion who will stay with you, right on the shoulder of your avatar. Also, if you think that climbing on the roof has saved you from the zombies then you might get a little anxious after knowing that PUBG has given zombies the power of climbing on lower walls and roofs. The all-new zombie mode: Darkest Night can give you goosebumps too, but don’t take this mode same as Survive Till Dawn. PUBG has not yet announced an official date for the release of updated version 0.12.0, though it has released official patch notes giving details about the new features and update. The update download size is 1.8GB on Android and you can surely expect a stable update soon.




  • replaced event mode
  • Survival Till Dawn is under expansion by addition with new features
  • New modes can be added in the future
  • Kill more zombies and reach level 5 to unlock the new zombie mode
  • Surviving zombies, other team players, and night toxic gas for one night
  • Surviving teams till dawn wins


  • Companions could be taken to the battleground
  • They can be activated by collecting the companion box and companion food
  • No exposure as they could only be seen by you and your teammates
  • Upgrade the levels of your companion using XP
  • 10000Xp is needed to upgrade one level of companion pet
  • Upgrading the level will unlock the emotes
  • Taking companion into the battle increases the companion EXP


  • Can use stun grenades on zombies
  • Nitrogen grenade to slow the movement of the enemies
  • Zombies can jump and climb low walls
  • Zombie dogs are added
  • RPG-7 high damage weapon added
  • Jungle style Magazines added to double the magazine
  • More damage by Flamethrowers
  • Zombies move slower after being hit by firearms
  • M134 tuned handling


  • Hair not displayed correctly when equipped with certain headgear fixed
  • Graphics glitches in certain footgear season 6 fixed
  • Doors not displayed properly fixed
  • Stucking of players in building certain areas fixed.



latest update’s most controversial topic is the companion. What is this companion? How does it affect the gameplay? How can we activate the companion? Ect., we will discuss all these questions in the following paragraph. Firstly, this companion is, for now, a bird and a kite. Basically, they just accompany you to the battleground. The eagle stays on your shoulder all the time, but fly away whenever you are crawling or you are in the water. You can activate the companion by going into your messages and then collecting the companion box and companion food. Then You have to go to the inventory to open the companion box and the food. Once you have collected the required item you need to make sure that the level of your companion is up so, that it is able to do the movements. The unlocking of the moments takes 10000 XP for each level up which could go up to 7. You could simply unlock the movements by taping and holding the food crate of the companion food. After you have brought the levels up, you are ready to take your companion to the battleground. They are hidden from the other players or your enemies, thus it does not affect your gameplay. Though it does interrupt the AK47 bullet shooting, for that you can also disable the bird sitting on your shoulder by unequipping this feature.


updated zombies

The Survive Till Dawn is empowered by more weapons and characters. You will encounter a new weapon RPG-7 which is basically a rocket launcher. It does high damage but compensates with a short-medium range. It also comes with 6 rockets and iron sight. But you won’t be able to see this weapon in the other standard modes as it is restricted to the zombie mode only. The next add on is a jungle mag attachment, which is a double extended magazine that’s loads in 60 bullets instead of the standard 30 mags. The other new weapons are explosive crossbow and a liquid nitrogen mine. The crossbow shoots arrow that explodes when it hits the target and the nitrogen mine slow down the target within a certain range of mine.

The new zombie mode “Darkest Night” also known as “Survive Until The Rescue Arrives” has to be unlocked. Once you have reached level 5 of the zombie mode and killed a lot of zombies then this new mode is unlocked. You are dropped on a random location on the map of Erangel, where you have to survive other players, zombies and the night toxic gas until the rescue comes.


You have different shapes, for Red Dot, Holo sight, 2X/3X zoom reticle and colors of these can also be changed. You could customize the hip-fire crosshair by changing its color. There are many features added to the lobby too, such as you can show your UAZ skin in the lobby, you can spectate your teammates from the lobby and also send a friend request after they kill you while spectating your enemies. New additional purchasable crate content such as lobby themes or images features in the inventory panel. The quick chat panel could be under work so that it makes easier to issue commands and hide part of the display. Similarly, the portable closet could also be under improvement. You could now see your hand opening the door instead of the door opening magically by itself.

raticle customization


The beta version could be downloaded after a stable release. Being the beta version bugs could be expected. Although the issues can be reported by the Report button located in the top-right during the match, or simply by clicking the button located in the bottom-right corner of the main menu.


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