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Beginners Guide To Learn Photography

Beginners Guide To Learn Photography

What is Photography? After searching the internet for valid definitions of photography as well as reading the blogs of many photographers, I concluded that photography is merely the art of seeing things,...
Pentax 645Z Review

Pentax 645Z Review – Distinct perspective of medium format photography

In this Pentax 645Z Review, we show how the Pentax 645Z provides a distinct perspective of medium format photography with its unmatchable features and technology. Pentax 645Z has a brilliant combination of hyper-resolution,...
How To Text A Photo

How to Add Text to a Photo and send via text!

Do you want a comprehensive tutorial for learning how to text a photo from your smartphone and How to Add Text to a Photo? If “Yes,” then consider yourself at the...
build your photography website

Step-by-Step Guide: Want to build your photography website?

Photos are stunning. Through photos, we save history - our tyke's initial steps, a favorite scene, or different and jeopardized creatures. And this is the reason people usually question google that...
Music Photography Career

Music Photography Career

Firstly, you shoot music because you genuinely love music. Moreover, you always have, and you think you ever will enjoy music and photography. It seems like you want to develop a...
Concert Photography

Best Camera for Concert Photography: A Simple Guide

  Concert photography is one of the most challenging and tough plots when having shoots. Aside from the moving object from the headbanging singers and excited drummer, lighting and the people hanging...
360 Video Camera

360 Video Camera is a technology that embeds a 360-degree camera

Firstly, 360 Video Camera is a technology that embeds a 360-degree camera. The Best 360 Video Camera uses that technology. You can get all angles video on any sports footage. The 360...
Tips On How To Learn Photography

Tips on How to Learn Photography

  What Is Photography? Photography is the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (such as film or an optical sensor) or...
canon EOS7D

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review: Techcorps Review

The 7D was one of the most successful DSLRs ever. So how Canon could improve the 7D? By improving the Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review! So by improving Canon EOS 7D Mark...
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