Music Photography Career

Firstly, you shoot music because you genuinely love music. Moreover, you always have, and you think you ever will enjoy music and photography. It seems like you want to develop a Music Photography Career. In that case, you are probably looking for the best camera for concert photography.

Music Photography Career

In conclusion, read this topic. In this article, we talk about tips to shoot bands and concerts and how to get the best point and shoot camera for concert photography. Also, we offer some tips to develop a better Music Photography Career.

One of the first tips is for amateurs who start a Music Photography Career: When you go shooting a band, make sure to travel light. Most noteworthy, if you go overweight, then you can break any of the photography stuff that you carry.

Music Photography Career

Always prepare for any given situation. Hence, when you get more practice, you will probably be able to carry more items with you. Consequently, start slow, so you will accurately learn the tips for a better Music Photography Career.

Particularly relevant is that professional concert photographers often take 2-3 camera bodies strapped around their necks with a wide variety of lenses and flashes. That is because they also cover and protect their photography stuff with individual cases.

Music Photography Career

Most of all, these photographers usually have a press pass and work for a national magazine or major publication, which grants them access and permission to carry professional equipment inside the venues. There is always a code of conduct to learn to behave correctly in those sites.

However, not all of us are that fortunate. Many of the more established and well-known venues have strict rules and guidelines for photographers. Some do not let in any professional cameras. A professional camera is considered any camera with a removable lens. Music festivals, concert halls, and clubs have embraced this as a general rule.

You can take compact cameras or smartphone, so you do not need a press pass. Nevertheless, you will limit your quality images, and you won’t be able to make excellent photographs. If you want to earn some income from music concerts, you will have to get DSLR or more advanced cameras.

Best Point and Shoot Camera for Concert Photography

So what is the best point and shoot camera for concert photography? Until you get a valid pass, you will have to use the best point and shoot camera for concert photography.

Best point and shoot camera for concert photography required features:

  • As higher ZOOM as possible.
  • RAW shooting capacity for extra editing controller.
  • Small and light as commented before.
  • Possibility to operate and shoot in low light (high ISO range!).

Here is a list of resources to find the best point and shoot camera for concert photography: explains which are the best point and shoot cameras, it does not focus on concerts but provides good points about the different options available in the market. is much more focused on shows that the one before so you have the details and features explained within the framework of shooting at concerts. offers you an overview of two possible best point and shoot camera for concert photography. It also tells you some tips about how to make good photos at concerts. Good start point too for your Music Photography Career.

And here are our choices.

Best Point and Shoot Camera Choices

Canon PowerShot G3 X

best point and shoot camera for concert photography

It seems like with the Canon PowerShot G3 X you can adjust the setting to camera settings for club photography. Also, you will have splendid zoom capabilities with lightweight.

Bands and Concerts Shooting Tips

Go to a lot of shows!

Ever hear that saying that says: ‘it is not what you know, it is who you know?’ That can sometimes be true. You will need to expand your network and meet more people like in any other business.

The more people you meet at shows and the more people that know you, the more people will help you out. If you become known as a photographer, people may start asking you to shoot their shows for them.

Music Photography Career Photograph

Get a Press Pass!

Become friendly with the club owners, the band or a magazine publication. You can send a link to your work through by contacting them by email or any other social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Myspace.

Call ahead of time and say you want to take photographs for them in exchange for access as a photographer. But remember, it’s harder to get permission from more established bands, festivals, and venues, so make sure to contact them several weeks or even months in advance.

Arrive early and leave late

Once you are inside the venue, survey the environment and get a good feel for space. Look for any lighting, colors, textures or backgrounds on stage that would make for an exciting photo.

Stick around after the show and ask to take a portrait of the band. These pictures are priceless and can quickly build your portfolio and reputation as a music photographer.

best point and shoot camera for concert photography

Be prepared!

Get your settings ready before the show starts. Make sure you charge your battery, format the memory card, and get the Flash available.

Also, make sure that your exposure and ISO sets correctly. Some places don’t allow flash, so this is where a good high ISO camera comes in handy.

It sounds necessary, but there is nothing worse than missing out on a candid shot of your favorite band because of technical difficulties.

Find different perspectives and angles to shoot

Move all around the venue. Don’t pull from one place. Get full shots from the behind the crowd, close-ups from the front row, group shots and even go backstage if you can. The more you cover, the better.

It’s a real intention to have at least two cameras so you can get different perspectives and capture great spontaneous shots at any moment.

best point and shoot camera for concert photography

Invest in a “non-professional” camera

There exist a lot of options these days. An ideal and favorite non-professional digital camera is the Canon G10. This little 14.7-megapixel camera packs a powerful punch.

The flash is fantastic, and the quality is superb. A small point and shoot camera like this get you the access you need with professional quality that holds up to some of the most expensive DSLRs. It also shoots video, which is a huge plus at concerts.

Travel Light

Bring minimal equipment and a small travel bag for your cameras. This way, you can maneuver through the crowds without bumping and distract them from the show.

best point and shoot camera for concert photography

Always be considerate of others in the crowd

Try not to obstruct other’s point of view to take a photo. The less you are noticed, the better.

Follow up!

Say thank you and share your photos with others. Send a link to your blog or website as soon as possible. Post pictures of the bands and venues to see if they want to use them for promotional purposes.

People always need good photos for different reasons, so the faster you send them, the better.

best point and shoot camera for concert photography

Get on the List!

Sign up for email lists of different bands and favorite music venues to see who is playing that week or month. Stay ahead of the competition.

Get the news and tour updates before the rest. This point will help you get the access and permission you need to photograph your favorite musicians.

Other resources in Music Photography Career

This article explains to you how to become a music photographer. You can take around 100$-200$ per shot in an event. Even earn about 2000$ per event.

So the more events and people you know the better! The article explains the music photographer career description, how to advance in the career, the education and training options, the skills you require, the job opportunities you will encounter, the earnings, how to start, etc.

In this other article, you will find out about what music photographers do, and you will also see if it is what suits you.

If you finally decide to become a music photographer and enjoy a Music Photography Career. It explains the best tips to become one. It is a Ph.D. student who discovered his passion for music.

Tips for Breaking Into Music Photography

Try to respect everyone! Get along with security, waitstaff, management, etc. and do not be arrogant about what you are doing. Also, try to start small.

Start in local clubs shooting your friends. Try to start small and then try to move to more prominent bands. Your exposure helps to brand your name.

Help and follow other bands. Try to be different. Make your image different and shine. For example, use different angles than typical.

Understand what gear you need. For example, learn how to use different lenses and low light conditions.

One of the most important tips is editing. For example, learn how to change white balances. Do not be scared to use black in your pictures. Not every photo need to edit the same.



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