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Successful Vs Unsuccessful People

Habits of Unsuccessful People Vs Successful People We all have that friend who is forever complaining and never seems to get anything done properly. We probably have another friend too, one full of...

Where did the Time go?

Where did the Time go? Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Those who waste the most time are...
Angry Hanuman

Angry Hanuman : Story behind the angry Hanuman Stickers

Angry Hanuman: Story behind the famous angry Hanuman Stickers The Angry Hanuman image, vector-style, is everywhere in Bengaluru, Dehradun and now in almost every city of our country. You can see...


Best WordPress Plugins 2018 – Plugins for Professional WP Websites

What is a WordPress Plugin? Wordpress plugins are primarily applications that are integrated with your WordPress website to add specific functionalities. A plugin is a...