Java vs JavaScript vs Objective C


Difficulty ∗∗∗  Popularity ∗∗∗∗∗   Created in… 1995

Java is a programming language that developers used to create application on your computer. Chances are you have downloaded a programme that required the java runtime, and so you probably have it installed it on your system. Java also has a web plug-in that allows you to run these apps in your browser.

What is used for?

  • Android and IOS app development
  • Video game development
  • Desktop  GUIs (Graphic user interfaces)
  • Software Development

Pros of java:

  • Java developers are in great demand- A report in may 2015 concluded that java development was the most desired software-building skill by a wide margin.
  • An Evolving language- The  platform continues to add new features,such as the inclusion of lambda capabilities.
  • Anchors android apps development- Google’s android mobile platform is the no.1 mobile platform in the build apps for android,developers predominantly use their java skills.

Cons of java:

  • Uses a lot of memory- Java uses more  memory than C++ large memory footprint.
  • Learning curve- Not the easiest of languages to learn but certainly not the hardest.
  • Slow startup times- Anyone who’s try to create an android app using java knows how slowly the simulator code runs on your desktop.

Java job market

  • Average salary-$102000
  • Job count-72226
  • Top job location-New York city San Jose & Washington D.C
  • Top employers of java programmers

Java was used to build

  • Minecraft
  • Gmail

Java fascinating facts :-

Java is the basis of the android operating system.

The original name for java was oak,  because of a big oak tree that grew outside of James Gosling’s window.

What you can do with java:

  1. Take virtual tours of places online.
  2. most sites that allow you to upload photos to their platform will be using java to do this.
  3. Using a java plug-in, allows you to use interactive maps online.
  4. You can play online games with java.


Difficulty ∗∗    Popularity ∗∗∗∗  Created in 1995

JavaScript is most commonly used as a client side scripting language. This means that Javascript code is written into an HTML page. When a user requests an HTML page with java script in it, the script is sent to the browser and it’s up to the browser to do something with it.

What is JS used for?

  • Front end of website
  • Analytics
  • Widgets
  • Web interactivity

Pros of javaScript

  • Speed- Being client-side, JavaScript is very fast because any code functions can be run immediately instead of having to contact the server and wait for an answer.
  • Simplicity- JavaScript is relatively simple to learn and implement.
  • Versatility- JavaScript plays nicely with other languages and can be used in a huge variety of applications. Unlike PHP or SSI scripts, JavaScript can be inserted into any webpage regardless of the file extension.

Cons of JavaScript

  • Security- Because the code executes on the users computer, in some cases it can be exploited for malicious purposes. This is one reason some people choose to disable JavaScript.
  • Reliance on end user- JavaScript is sometimes interpreted differently by different browsers. Whereas server side scripts will always produce the same output, client side scripts can be a little unpredictable. Don’t be overly concerned by this though – as long as you test your script in all the major browsers you should be safe.

JavaScript job market

  • Average salary-100000
  • Job count-51906
  • Top job location-New York city , Washington D.C & San Francisco
  • Top employers of JavaScript developers

JavaScript was used on parts of..

  • Paypal
  • Youtube
  • Fascinating facts about java script
  • NetScape- Java script was created in 1995 by NetScape.
  • Jquery is the most used JavaScript library on the web.68.5% of all websites use Jquery in some form.

What you can do with JavaScript?

*) Java script can be used to validate form data at the client-side saving both the precious server resources and time.

*) Display information based on the time of the day.

*) Change page contents dynamically. JS can randomly display content without the involvement of server programs.

*) Add interactivity to your website.

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Difficulty ∗∗∗   Popularity ∗∗∗    Created in 1983

Objective- C is a general purpose, object oriented programming language. It is the main programming language used by Apple for the OS X and IOS operating systems, and their respective application programming interfaces (APIs).

What is [C] used for?

  • If you want to focus on developing iOS or OS X apps only.
  •  IOS applications
  •  Primary language used by apple- Used to  build out Mac OS & iOS

Pros of obj [C]

  • Libraries- Objective C is the programming language developed specifically to work with the cocoa programming framework, which means that it has access to the apple development libraries.
  • Objective C runtimes – A program written in objective C is more dynamic, able to gather information about itself to make decisions regarding memory or data types, rather than having had decisions made during coding time.
  • Limited usage- Although objective C does some pretty cool things, it is limited in the sense that you can’t develop apps on other platforms with it, such as android.

Cons of objective [C]

  • Leaning curve- Not the easiest of languages to master, as you will need to know a bit about the C programming language as well.
  • Don’t expect to see much straightaway- It’s not the path to take if you want to show off programs in a few weeks. It will take you more like a year before you feel good about your proficiency.
  • Different ways of doing things- Apple has its own programming methodology, which is different from just about everyone else. (it’s not wrong, just different)

Objective [C] job market

  • Average salary -$110000
  • Job count-21189
  • Top job location- New York city , Chicago  & San Francisco

Objective C was used to build..

  • iOS
  • Mac OS
  • VLC media player

Objective C fascinating facts

A general purpose, object oriented language that adds smallTalk-style messaging to the C programming language.

Objective C was originally developed in the early 1980s by Brad Cox and Tom Love at their company stepstone.


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