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Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.

So here we are talking about internet . How it works , what are the different thing that are included i internet to make it huge web of information etc.

Use Of ML in Android Apps

Use Of Machine Learning Technology in Android Applications

VOCABULARY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Development of a computer system, providing them intelligence so that they are able to perform simple human tasks such as visual perception,...
jio dth channel list

Jio DTH Channel List With 1000+ Channels | Updated 2019

Jio DTH Channel List With 1000+ Channels Jio has set a benchmark for several firms in terms of providing economical services and product. Till date, jio set-top box, and its dth channels...
Android 9 Pie

Android 9 Pie: Google’s Latest Operating System

Android 9 Pie: Google's Latest Operating System. Android 9 Pie is the latest Version of Android. Android is not only famous for the features it provides but also for...

VPN: Virtual Private Network

A VPN i.e., a virtual private network is a safe and an encrypted connection than a public network such as the internet which is less secure. It enables the...

Beacon Technology

What is Beacon?  A beacon is a small Bluetooth transmitter. It’s kind of like a lighthouse: it repeatedly transmits a single signal...
web mining

What is Web Mining? Types | Applications | Differences

In Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Web Mining is the integration of data gathered by traditional data mining methodologies and techniques with information gathered over the World Wide Web. (Mining means that...
5g Wireless Technology

5G Wireless Technology

  Fifth-generation wireless, or 5G, is the latest iteration of cellular technology, designed to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. Overall, 5G is predicted to generate a variety of...
Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

What is Virtual Reality? Virtual reality (VR) is an artificial, computer-generated simulation or recreation of a real-life situation. It immerses the user by making them feel like they're experiencing the simulated reality...
Digital Jewelry

Digital Jewelry

  Digital Jewelry is fashion jewelry with embedded intelligence. It will help you to solve issues like forgotten passwords and security badges. It'll be the evolution in digital technology that makes computer...
gesture recognition

Gesture Recognition

  What Is Gesture Recognition? Gesture recognition is a kind of perceptual computing user interface that permits computers to capture and interpret human gestures as commands. Most consumers are aware of the concept...


Html5 Cheat Sheet 2018 (Updated With New HTML5 Tags)- June...

HTML5 The Mega Cheat Sheet Html5 Cheat Sheet 2018 brings support for APIs. APIs are used when connecting to external sites and services or creating...

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