newborn photography
newborn photography

Taking pictures is the common and preferred hobby or activity of the people these days. This is a guide to know how to take newborn photos. Nowadays, we have cameras available on our phones, tablets and other gadgets. They let us try out many things. In addition to that, technology has made these phone cameras highly equipped with lenses, focus, apertures, and other features. Wherever we go, we take pictures which keeps us connected to the beautiful memories we had.

How to take newborn photos is not something new. With the invention of the camera, people follow this trend. But, with the innovation of technology, this is something that has become common and popular as well. At present many people, at their personal level, prefer to take photos of a newborn as a beautiful memory. People also get the proper setups and hire professional photographers for the purpose. Many of the people have grown their interest in newborn photography, and that is something extremely amazing. You can witness many searches related to how to take newborn photos online. People are interested to know about it.

Why Newborn Photography? 

Becoming a parent is a blessing. Nowadays, people are following technological innovations to capture and save memories. These memories give them a lifetime bond and belonging to the time when the magic happens in their life. No doubt the camera and latest innovations in it change the lifestyle completely.

It’s attractive

It’s a completely new experience of clicking newborn. In this article, we will tell you how to take newborn photos. Now, it’s a trend to have a shoot with a newborn to capture the sweet and loving memories. These are related to softness, love, attachment and much more feeling between you and your newborn.

More Catchy and Near to the Heart

It shows the bond and it’s about being into it to enjoy the memory and fun during the activity. It includes every member of the family and makes them experience the amazing things. Moreover, the pictures will mark the love forever.

Give Some Amazing Memories

When your child grows up then he or she will have these pictures available as a sign of love and affection. It will connect your kid to the past life and give him future family love goals that can’t be forbidden.

How to take Newborn Photos?

While having a photo shoot, you should consider some basic things. When it comes to a shoot of a newborn, then extra care and protection should be there. Even if you are doing it for your kid or offering the services as professional. Following are the ultimate things that should be considered in a professional zone for newborn photography.

Equip Yourself with the Best

Before you start into it, you must have all possible and required equipment with you. This includes the camera, lenses, lights, props and other material. With this equipment, you can experience the new and different experiments. You should have all the safety measures included the environment, lights, and surroundings at your best possible level.

Get Friendly with the Kids

Developing a friendly environment will help you to get involved with the kids completely. You can also make them pose better. Be kind and gentle with the newborn as the comfort and safety should be the top priority. Familiarize the newborn with your touch and let him or her have the feeling of protection with you.

Pick up the Right Lights

In your guide of how to take newborn photos lights are integral. In overall photography, lights are the most important thing. But when it comes to newborn photography, they have exceptional importance. You need to have enough and comfortable light for the newborn that will not cause troubles. You do not need to stick on the fancy studio, you can go to natural light and environment depends on weather conditions. But make sure to avoid hard flashes and bigger lights that can make the newborn irritated.

Click at the Right Time

When it comes to clicking the baby for a shoot, you must have a focus on the right time to click your best side. Have your focus to capture the emotions like a smile, cry, and others. This will get you a little time and patience. You can’t instruct them to hold a certain expression for a longer period. Babies are soft and smooth and irresistible so make the environment comfortable for the baby and for you to get the maximum photos. Do the clicking with patience.

Major Points to Consider when Clicking Newborn Photos

In the guide of how to take newborn photos, clicking the photos seems to be a careful act. In this process, you are going to focus on the softness and innocence of the kid. It seems important to hold on these things and give everything the proper time. Having a newborn posse during the photography session is the important and tactical point that requires focus and patience as well. Try to click one pose from different angle and perspective instead of moving the baby too much. Maintain his comfort level in the session as far as possible. Involvement of parents in detailing and in front of the camera gives an amazing effect of parental love which must be captured by the camera during the shoot. Whether you are shooting for your baby or doing it for the client should work on the following things:

Newbies should be Comfortable

You should make sure the baby is sleeping at the time of shoot because it makes them uncomfortable. This lets you have them captured at their best, and most importantly they are not crying at all. In fact, newborn gives you the best emotions while sleeping and its best to capture them dreaming about something amazing. Check out the temperature of the room or studio; it should be according to the newbie’s comfort. Using the right music and not hard sounds will get you the best results. Remember that kids do respond to music, but it should be good for their ears.

Be Patient with all the Happenings

While doing the baby shoot, you must feel free and comfortable. Try to give everything a proper time, do not do it in a hurry which makes you uncomfortable or stressful. You are unable to get what you want to have time for the things and for you to click your memories.

Take things Slow and Smooth

Do not do it in a hurry, remember that time is yours so take the things slowly and smoothly. Do not rush to just spend 3 to 4 hours to complete the target or just fill your gallery with the stuff. Divide your task into days and smoothly get the tiny details so you can have the maximum to safe in your memories.

Never use Direct Light

For baby do not use the flash and direct light because it makes your baby uncomfortable and harmful to the skin cells and tissues of your baby skin because they require extra care. Use the light from the back or the upper side or try to switch towards the sunlight instead of using the artificial one.

Keep the Temperature Controlled

Keep your baby warm, and the place where you are doing the shoot must be favorable for the baby. It’s just like in winter we use to warm our room temperature which makes us comfortable and open up to the environment. So when it comes to baby, the cozy environment makes them sleepy and give you a chance to experience the definitions.

Let the Camera to be Friends with Baby

Try to capture the baby when it’s a nap or sleepy time for them because it makes them comfortable and make it easier for you to capture the best. But if you want to capture the live moment, then you make sure that the baby is comfortable with the camera you are holding in hand and targeting him. Engage the baby with things to get the memory lock.

How to manage the Light for the Shoot?

Light for the shoot is the ultimate lesson on how to take newborn photos guide. One of the common mistakes in baby photography is improper light. We must not want to have a horror movie depict the shoot of our baby. So to avoid these issues you must have to utilize the natural and proper light. It can be in a living room open area, outside garden or a garage. Management of light or shadows will give the picture an effect of very own. You can use many filters and reflectors to manage the light. It will get you the desired effect. Most importantly, it is not always necessary to keep the light balance. You can create shadows to get some neat highlights.

Selecting the Right Theme

You have to focus on the location first on which you are planning to do a shoot and create an environment which is comfortable for baby. You can do different experiments with the armchair, beanbag, fabric and much more. Choose the colorful blanket, throw fur and closest to make your photo interesting. You can choose the nature or shoot in a garden with grass. Whatever you choose you to have to make sure it will go with the right time and appealing. The time for a baby shoot must be daytime having natural effects of light so you will have a little nature love. You can experiment with many themes and can go natural with the shoot. Sometimes, to take newborn photos, it is not necessary to have a specific fairy tale theme. You can keep it natural, and that is brilliant.

Get the Sibling Touches

You can have an experiment of taking the baby photos with their elder brother so sister, involving the sibling will give you sweetest and endearing photos. It makes your elder one to be involved in the occasions, and it feels them special. You can experiment the bond by allowing them to hold the baby or just lie down and give the special bond to be captured for the moment to make it special.

Experiment with Angles and Perspectives

Try not to do the things in a rush, instead of changing the baby position many time try something like getting up your baby, walking around and having the different angle and perspective to capture every single pose that make you love too. You can experiment with the different pose with the same angle or same pose with a different angle; every angle will give you a very different effect.

Parent’s Bond

It’s too difficult of taking your photo with your baby, but this will give you a very different experience that if you are facing the camera from the front by holding the baby or have some other pose instead of just is back on the camera. This will give a very different experiment and must say a pleasure for your baby when he grows up and sees the memories you are holding with them, and they will love it. Parent love is the all a baby has when it’s just the start of life in the world.

Tint Nature’s Love

We are watching the work of many photographers on how to take newborn photos. Most of them are experimenting with the outside light and nature which give an amazing experience and galleries to have it. So during a newborn shoot just being inside the studio will easily bore you. You only have the beanbag and blanket so experiment with it. Go outside and face nature. You will find the creativity and new possibilities and freedom to use a prop and place baby in between the green grass, the sunny day, and it makes babies easily to get asleep.

Get the Tiny Details

While having the shoot try to get cover every tiny detail that makes the baby unique in the photos, the little nose, his little chin, tiny hand, fingers, and toes. These things you will not want to forget when he grows up. You can have different experiment with the senses while capturing the tiny details; you can adjust it manually or use the auto-focus as well. If you have macro lenses, then you much consider the nose, lips, eyelashes, ears, toes, finger, hair and shoulders to capture with the lenses. Those details are changed rapidly when your baby grows, and this is a wonderful way to preserve the memories.

How to take newborn photos with your phone

It is not necessary that all the time you need to hire a professional photographer to take the pictures of your newborn. In fact, you can click some moments by yourself. By using your phone, you can do amazing things as the phones contain what is best for you. All you need to learn that how to take newborn photos with your phone. It is quite simple and fun thing that your whole family can enjoy.

Involve everyone

Whether you have a camera or professional equipment or you are capturing it with just your phone just you have to be a focus on that in your shoot involve every member of your family to have a collection of the memory with the baby. To have a newborn is something to feel blessed with the nature most amazing gifts, rather than having all the pain and struggle a mother done during the stage to hold a baby in hand is just an amazing one. So while capturing the memory, involve the mother, father, siblings and other important and close family members to have a good collection.

Create your own setup

The next step in how to take newborn photos guide is to create your own setup. Try some experiments with the different locations in your house by walking and finding out the light and perspective to capture the right angle.  Create your studio and setup where you want to take a shoot with your baby, you can have different creative ideas, and even you can explore it from the different sites and reference from the work of different photographers, so you can create your different way to have the best time with your baby. Utilize some inside space with the light and shadow effect and outside the garden and the sunlight to have a natural effect.

Use the real-life action

Having a shoot is does not means to try something which is fake and did not correlate with the emotional touch and feel. While doing the shoot with your newborn, you must enclose with the real-time and real-life actions like holding a baby, sleeping action, the smile and fun with siblings, mother touch, sibling’s interaction and much more. These real-time actions will give you very different outcomes and memorable endings for the whole life.

Click it right

When you are using your phone to click the baby, you must have a focus on the right time. From right side you must choose to click your best side, which means that if you have a focus to capture a smile, cry, emotions then for the baby you have to be active to get your desired click within the limited period. You can’t instruct them to hold the certain expression for the longer period. You must not be in a hurry to do everything in just limited period try to give yourself a proper time to have a fine and definite outcome of your efforts.

Manage the light

Light management is another challenge you have to face while shooting from your mobile phone. But you do not need to worry about mobile phones. They now have the feature of light controlling and the definition of the object you want to highlight. Mobiles can give the blurred effect on the outside or your desired side so choose the best light or to choose to do a shoot in light, so it will help you to get the prominence.

A few color corrections

You can also do the experiments with different colors like having the theme of different color backgrounds and choose the clothing or blanks for the different effects. The use of props, other stuff or you can have a different and alternative style of wrap up your baby in the simple blanket. To capture the same pose from different angles or to change a pose will give you very own experience. The theme of a formal shoot or a casual one may vary and have a very amazing experience to have a look on in the future when your baby grows up, and you share the memories with him.

The magic is done!

To capture the right in the newborn photo shoot is to all about how effectively you capture the details. Like close-ups, try different angle and perspectives to make a composition more interesting and having the amazing experience. You can try a lot of things by taking time like directly from the head, sideways, you can zoom in or zoom out to one feature then another, sometimes with focus or sometimes the use of out of focus may help you to get the best memory. Light plays an important role in the detailing so a shoot in a proper light effect will give the best look to your baby and you will have the good gallery collections. So, this was all about how to take newborn photos.

How to take newborn photos guide can be real fun for you. It’s a different way to express and save all the emotions and feelings. When the time flies, you can refresh the thought, memories and recall them by just viewing the gathering you have in early time. During the shooting or when you are planning to shoot, you just need to invite the members of your family to share the experience with them and get them involve into the activity. To have them in this precious moment will develop a relationship and a new loving and heart touching experience with your baby and when you finish the photography, you must share the customized gifts or framed photos with the family member to give them recall of the event.



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