Screaming Frog SEO Spider software

Screaming Frog SEO Spider software 9.2 Latest August 2018

Valid Till 21 May 2019 (1 Year Licence)

Screaming Frog SEO Spider software 9.2 free downloads, trusted by thousands of SEOs and SEO agencies worldwide for technical SEO audits. Download for free, or buy a license for additional features. Screaming Frog SEO Spider software 9.2 Latest May 2018(100% Working)

Everyone needs to be on the first page, however, not everybody deserves to be there. Your business, brand, and website got to earn that right. Google currently uses over two hundred signals in their rule for evaluation and last year, there have been over 540 quality enhancements to their search rule alone.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) services are designed to extend visibility among the algorithmic (“natural”, “organic”, or “free”) search results to deliver top quality, targeted traffic to your website.

All our work is handmade, there’s no artificial bots, spam, or pesticides in our organic ways, and each campaign we have a tendency to work on is entirely custom-made to your industry, your business, and your team.

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The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is free, however, you can purchase a license to crawl more than 500 URLs and have access to advanced features.

Cost:  £149.00 Per Year or ₹13632.30 Per Year or  $200 Per Year

What can you do with the SEO Spider Tool?

The SEO Spider is a powerful and flexible site crawler, able to crawl both small and very large websites efficiently while allowing you to analyze the results in real-time. It gathers key onsite data to allow SEOs to make informed decisions.

Find Broken Links

Audit Redirects

Find temporary and permanent redirects, identify redirect chains and loops, or upload a list of URLs to audit in a site migration.

Discover Duplicate Content

Discover exact duplicate URLs with an md5 algorithmic check, partially duplicated elements such as page titles, descriptions or headings and find low content pages.

Extract Data with XPath

Collect any data from the HTML of a web page using CSS Path, XPath or regex. This might include social meta tags, additional headings, prices, SKUs or more!

Review Robots & Directives

View URLs blocked by robots.txt, meta robots or X-Robots-Tag directives such as ‘noindex’ or ‘nofollow’, as well as canonicals and rel=“next” and rel=“prev”.

Generate XML Sitemaps

Quickly create XML Sitemaps and Image XML Sitemaps, with advanced configuration over URLs to include last modified, priority and change frequency.

Integrate with Google Analytics

Connect to the Google Analytics API and fetch user data, such as sessions or bounce rate and conversions, goals, transactions, and revenue for landing pages against the crawl.

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  1. Hello ,

    I saw your tweets and thought I will check your website. Have to say it looks very good!
    I’m also interested in this topic and have recently started my journey as young entrepreneur.

    I’m also looking for the ways on how to promote my website. I have tried AdSense and Facebok Ads, however it is getting very expensive.
    Can you recommend something what works best for you?

    Jan Zac


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