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Facebook will soon be showcasing this device named-Portal Video Chat. It is a screen-based communications gadget. It is a first consumer hardware video chat device named “Portal”.

The Portal device is expected to compete most directly with the Amazon Echo Show, introduced in May as an addition to Amazon’s line of artificial intelligent smart speakers voiced by Alexa. The devices connect to the internet and provide a wide array of services, in one of the hottest categories in consumer electronics. This is a smart speaker with an integrated 7-inch touch screen that people can use for video-based calls. The price is $229.99.

Amazon is the market leader in smart speakers for the home. It is followed by Alphabet (GOOGL) with its Google Home device. Other competitors include the HomePod from Apple (AAPL). Amazon and Alphabet have jockeyed for the spotlight at media events during the annual CES consumer technology trade show currently underway in Las Vegas. And Google’s Assistant powered smart speakers that were launched at CES 2018 this week.The Portal device can be used as a replacement for various instant messengers.

The four other new smart displays include devices made by Sony, Samsung-owned JBL, LG, and Lenovo. These devices feature a touchscreen that can be used to play video and conduct video calls.

facebook Video Chat Portal

This device is a new digital assistant which is designed for home purpose with voice controls.

This device has a 15-inch screen attached to a set of microphones.

Facebook launched this device as a way for families and friends to stay connected through video chatting.

The new device from Facebook will get a wide-angle camera that can recognize people’s faces (this will allow associating users with their accounts in social networks). The device can be controlled using voice commands. In addition, it will support streaming services (like Netflix and Spotify).

Facebook employees have internally referred to the video chat device with the codename “Aloha” but recently settled on the name Portal-an indication that product development has progressed.

Portal will be the first product from Facebook’s secretive tech laboratory. The secretive research team has reportedly worked on cameras, augmented and virtual reality, according to the leaks.

Facebook’s hardware efforts have largely focused on so-called “Facebook phones”, but that never really went anywhere. It will also allow users to access their Facebook accounts and other social media sites such as Twitter.
Portal will be sold by the company through online portals, as well as through pop-up stores. Price of the portal will be $499.



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