Digital Jewelry
Digital Jewelry


Digital Jewelry is fashion jewelry with embedded intelligence. It will help you to solve issues like forgotten passwords and security badges. It’ll be the evolution in digital technology that makes computer components entirely compatible with the humankind. They have the potential to be all in one replacement for your driver’s license, key chain, business cards, credit cards, health insurance card, company security badge, and loose cash. Digital Jewelry is a nascent catchphrase for wearable ID devices that contain personal data like passwords, identification, and account information.

Soon cell phones can take a completely new form, showing to have no form at all. The various parts that are inside a cellular phone: microphone, Receiver, TouchPad, Display, circuit board, Antenna, and Battery.


Here are the components of computerized-Jewelry with their functions:

  • Earrings


Speakers embedded into these earrings and it will be the phone’s receiver. These days several manufacturers are developing things as Bluetooth devices in the form of pendants or earrings that people will wear that help enhance their mobile phones, computers PDA’s anything that uses similar technology.

  • Necklace


Users can talk into the necklace’s embedded microphone. They transfer the data in the signal form. It consists of sensors by these it’ll work. It’s mainly by Bluetooth technology.

  • Ring


It is the most interesting piece of the phone, this “magic decoder ring” is equipped with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that flash to indicate an incoming call. It can also be programmed to flash different colors to identify a specific caller or indicate the importance of a call.

  • Bracelet


Equipped with a video graphics array (VGA) display, this wrist display could also be used as a caller identifier that flashes the name and phone number of the caller. Bluetooth bracelet built-in rechargeable battery, when a call is coming to the bracelet can vibrate and lamp flash.


  • Devices consist of a screen or display for data, most likely consisting of the 7-16 segment or Dot Matrix LEDs, LCDs.
  • An audiovisual or different display might consist of a speaker, a single flashing light, and a sensor of some kind.
  • While IBM is in the development stage, Charmed Technology is already marketing its digital jewelry, including a futuristic eyepiece display. The eyepiece is the display component of the company’s communicator, a wearable, and wireless, broadband-Internet device that can be controlled by voice, handheld keypad or pen. The corporate says that the device could be ready for the mainstream market by the end of 2001 or early 2002. The communicator can be used as an MP3 player, video player and cellular phone. The communicator runs on the company’s Linux-based Nanix OS.
  • It looks that everything we access nowadays is under lock and key. Even the devices we are using protected by the passwords. It can be frustrating attempting to keep with all of the passwords and keys required to access any door or computer program. Dallas Semiconductor is developing a new Java-based, computerized ring which will automatically unlock doors and log on to the computers.


Java Ring

java ring

The Java Ring is a stainless-steel ring, 16-millimeters (0.6 inches) in diameter that houses a 1-million-transistor processor, known as an iButton. The ring has 134 KB of RAM, 32 KB of ROM, a real-time clock and a Java virtual machine, that is a piece of software that recognizes the Java language and translates it for the user’s computer system.


Advantages Of Java Ring

  • It provides security

For eg: Java Ring is used to lock or unlock doors or computers as we use password and keys to lock our doors and computers. we don’t need to carry all those keys and remember all those passwords. so Java Ring is designed to provide security.

  • As computing devices are embedded it’s not necessary to carry Cells or computers, therefore it’s simple to carry everywhere.


Disadvantage Of Digital Jewelry

  • The display is very small.
  • Rays may be harmful to the human body
  • Very expensive to afford


Electromagnetic Beads


The nearest comparison to this model is that of ‘beads’ that are strung together to make a custom necklace or bracelet, with interchangeable electromagnetic component systems or devices. One bead can be a capacitor on the inside, and the solar panel on the outside. Another bead might have an internal resistor, which feeds power into a programmed microcontroller bead that drives an external screen, with other options available in a kind of bead configurations that comprise a circuit, including beads with a piezo element, voltage regulator, crystal, or rechargeable battery as part of the modular jewel circuit. The amount of data pins on the microcontroller needs to be enough to simply program the display layer plus the switches without overly complex and advanced coding strategies.



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