360 Video Camera

Firstly, 360 Video Camera is a technology that embeds a 360-degree camera. The Best 360 Video Camera uses that technology. You can get all angles video on any sports footage. The 360 Degree Video Camera can shoot incredible images without any stitching. Having no stitching means that you would be able to take and edit 360 images or videos in less time than usual.

Secondly, you can use 360 videos and images in Virtual Reality VR devices and action shots. You can transfer videos and pictures to any smartphone or accessory and you will have the feel of being there!

Finally, to produce immersive VR experiences you need videos from 360 cameras. Those cameras provide the required standard 2d format. You have a wide variety of 350 cameras. Now available for iPhone or smartphones.

Rating of the best 360-degree cameras

360 cameras are gaining popularity because of the rising of the VR-technologies market. Besides, there is a development of online services that allow panoramic videos.

360 Video Camera

Before, the number of 360 cameras on the market were a few. Nowadays, dozens of companies offer their novelties. Some cameras even managed to survive several generations of upgrades. It is quite challenging to navigate in this diversity. It’s also harder to do this for a beginner thinking about buying his first 360-degree camera.

Familiarize with the rating of the best panoramic cameras available on the market. That will ensure that the process of choosing a new camera will not turn into a nervous nightmare.

Each 360 camera description show the advantages and disadvantages of the camera. Those will allow you to choose the best variant of the device. Whether amateur, action or professional shooting, you can produce 360 camera content.

What should be the 360-degree camera?

Before the rating, note the main parameters characterizing a high-quality 360 camera.

First, you need panorama to provide a spherical image with 360-degree viewing angle. The scenery will be without any reservations and limitations.

Second, video capture should carry out at a high resolution. For example, for movies in VR format, you need at least 4K resolution. For simple videos uploaded to Facebook or YouTube, you can limit the to 2K resolution.

Finally, the camera should be compatible with your smartphone. That allows remote control and organization of live broadcasts. It is not superfluous to have an automatic roll-up function. So you can avoid post-processing with specialized software.

Best 360 Video Camera

The best cameras for panoramic shooting

Giroptic iO

Firstly, the Giroptic iO is a 360 camera-accessory for iPhone and iPad. Giroptic iO allows you to record videos and live broadcasts with 2K resolution.

Secondly, Giroptic iO is an amateur gadget for everyday use.

Finally, Giroptic iO offers quite an extensive functionality. Its functionality ranges from full 360 degrees coverage to automatic panoramic real-time clips. It can transfer recorded content to social media platforms.

The gadget is compact, handy and easy to use. Its obvious drawback is the lack of stabilization function. You need stabilization when shooting if you want good quality pictures.

Moreover, Giroptic iO has two wide angle Fisheye lens with only hardware exposure. Not having optical exposure affects when capturing panoramic images involving moving objects.

You cannot shoot detailed video in VR format, but its cost justifies the device. The VR device opens new horizons to the user possibilities for doing video blogging. Also, for the recording of events in an entirely new VR format.

Which 360 cameras should you buy?

360 Camera Video is an area that is growing so fast. That is the reason why you can get confused when you decide to buy a new one. So we are going to tell you which ones are the Best 360 Video Camera to buy.

GoPro Fusion 360 Video Camera

This camera looks awesome. However, the camera is less than perfect. For example, post-production is demanding because is hard to stitch the footage in the GoPro Fusion studio app.

360 Camera Video

Moreover, there are a lot of issues with the whole post-production. Probably, that is the principal reason the delayed the worldwide release. As an example, they started releasing only in the US and some parts of Europe.

Nonetheless, is a fantastic camera below the thousand dollars. The GoPro Fusion is excellent for video and pretty good for taking photos.

We recommend buying this camera when GoPro starts fixing the issues with the post-production process.

Gear 360 Video Camera

This 360 Video Camera might seem a bit outdated because it entered the market soon. However, the Gear 360 is one of the longest lasting 360 Video Cameras. Moreover, the budget is perfect for this camera.

Also, it is an impressive 360 camera for experimenting with 360 and panoramic videos.

360 Degree Video Camera

The Gear 360 is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. The camera delivers an excellent result despite the fact that it is outdated in some circumstances. For example, it lacks 6-axis stabilization and some other cons.

If you have a limited budget, then I would buy this camera.

Furthermore, new models released improving capabilities like iOS compatibility, resolution, etc. However, there are some other flaws like camera autocorrect stitching while the video plays. The workflow is also a nightmare.

In conclusion, this camera is technically a perfect camera because there are many impressive features. Nonetheless, you cannot compare to many other more expensive cameras.

Insta 360 Video Camera

The Insta 360 is a perfect 360 Video Camera for bloggers. You can shoot and do everything basically on your phone. The app that the Insta 360 provides is impressive and probably the best 360 apps on the market.


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