angry playlist

The Angry Playlist

Have you at any point been so angry you simply need to put on some music and shout along to it as loud as possible? This furious music may help! – Listen to new tunes, watch recordings and locate the main 30+ outline at Big Top 30+. This Angry Playlist contains feeling or showing strong annoyance, displeasure, hostility and full of anger.

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  1. Sh*t Luck”, Modest Mouse
  2. Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Nirvana
  3. You Know How I Do”, Taking Back Sunday
  4. Basket Case”, Green Day
  5. The Futile”, Say Anything
  6. Sail”, AWOLNATION
  7. Break Stuff”, Limp Bizkit
  8. I Hate Everything About You”, Three Days Grace
  9. Worst Behaviour”, Drake
  10. Seventy Times 7”, Brand New
  11. I’ve Had It”, Black Flag
  12. I’ve Been Tired”, The Pixies
  13. You Oughta Know”, Alanis Morissette
  14. Look Back in Anger”, David Bowie
  15. Last Resort”, Papa Roach
  16. Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, Pat Benatar
  17. I’m Shipping Up to Boston”, Dropkick Murphys
  18. Black Skinhead”, Kanye West
  19. I Fought the Law”, Dead Kennedys
  20. Take Me Out”, Franz Ferdinand
  21. Revolution”, The Beatles
  22. Drop The World”, Lil Wayne Feat. Eminem
  23. You Make Me Sick”, Pink
  24. You F*cked Up”, Ween
  25. In the End”, Linkin Park
  26. Party Up”, DMX
  27. Who Gon Stop Me”, Jay Z, Kanye West
  28. The Kill”, Thirty Seconds to Mars
  29. There’s No ‘I’ in Team”, Taking Back Sunday
  30. Enter Sandman”, Metallica
  31. The Way I Am”, Eminem
  32. Everything Sux”, Descendents
  33. Complicated”, Avril Lavigne
  34. Same Old Love”, Selena Gomez

I’m not a chill individual. Now and then when I’m extremely distraught, I need to figure out how to quiet down. Different circumstances, I need to kick back and lounge in my fierceness and grasp the information that things can simply suck. When I crave directing my inward angsty youngster or when I want to shout, I tune in to music at

If you want to add some new songs here contact us or leave a comment below asap.


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