Android 9 Pie
Android 9 Pie

Android 9 Pie: Google’s Latest Operating System. Android 9 Pie is the latest Version of Android. Android is not only famous for the features it provides but also for the sweet name it has given to its latest versions. Yes, the new version is out and has been named Android 9 Pie. Android 9 Pie, Google’s latest mobile operating system has got many cool features that will surely amaze you. This version has changed the android to a lot more extent than any of the previous versions so far.

The latest version harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence as it can adapt to your daily life. This operating system is designed to learn from its users, the way they use their phone. The experience gets better and better over time as it helps in customizing the phone. The task you are going to perform next is predicted so that you can jump right into it. You no more have to adjust the brightness of your screen all day, this version learns how you like it through the day and adjusts according to you. “LIKE YOU, LIKE PHONE”.


battery and brightness

By learning your preferences as you continue to use your phone, you will be able to go with a single charge. The battery saver turns off the features and services like the Always-On display you won’t use, to keep your charge longer than ever, also you can have more control over when it is on. The Adaptive battery uses Machine Learning to know which app you use most and which app you care the least about. This helps the phone to predict your next move and won’t spend battery power on the other apps. This feature is enabled by default. Apps that have restricted battery power might delay notification.

Adaptive brightness learns what level of brightness you prefer in different apps and in different light environments. It adjusts the brightness automatically according to your preference. You can also train it by opening the Quick Setting panel and adjust the brightness as needed. With android pie, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the brightness all day.


design and gesture

Common actions like taking screenshots which is easy, as the option is now available in the power menu and Accessibility menu makes one hand navigation easier for monitor impaired users. Android 9 has added a new feature in which you can select the text on the screen and it can be read aloud to help people learn more and easily. This is possible because of OCR support and S2S in camera and pictures. It is easier to understand conversations by dynamic adjustment over 100 settings to boost the audio, with the new Accessibility Services. To use these services, you need to turn them on, tough finding them can give you a hard time. To enable this, go to settings> Accessibility> Accessibility Menu. Turn on the Use services slider and confirm the prompt. After this, you can see a new icon to the right of the navigation bar.


You can now free yourself from the old three-button navigation by enabling the feature of gesture navigation. Go to settings> System> Gestures> Swipe Up to the home button. After doing this your navigation bar will change right away.


app action

App action predicts your task and displays the action based on the time you use a different app. For example, if you have a habit of reaching office using google map, your phone will automatically give you the shortcut for google map in the morning. App action, therefore, quickly starts tasks predicting what to do. Now, the slice is similar to app action. It basically helps to jump right into a certain action of the app by predicting the task according to the time.

digital wellbeing

Digital wellbeing, on the other hand, tell you or notifies you how often you are using your phone and what apps you are spending your time on. There is a dashboard that contains all the detail of the day like how often you checked your phone, how much time you spent on a particular app, how many notifications are sent by the apps. You can also set a time limit for using your phone for the entire day. Revamped DND feature turns off not just the audio notifications, but visual ones too, to help you avoid all the distractions. There’s a wind-down feature too that fades the screen to grayscale when it’s time to bed, basically, this is a mental trick that makes your phone less interesting.



Now your backups can be more secure as Android pie has enabled client-side encryption by using the device PIN, pattern or password. It has also come with a number of new security features such as standardizing biometric authentication prompts to provide a more consistent authentication. Apps can use UI which are controlled by secure hardware to get confirmation of a sensitive transaction. Many least noticed but important security upgrades are also being made. The first is that access to a mic, camera and all sensorManager sensors from an app are restrictions, they can only be used when under action. A second very interesting feature is the Lockdown option. Lockdown when tapped, instantly locks your phone, disables fingerprint unlocking and smart Lock and hides notification on the lock screen. But this has to enables first by going on Setting> Security &Location> Lock screen preferences> Show lockdown options. The lockdown will be on your power menu. After the phone is locked you can again open it by using a PIN, password or a pattern.



Volume most of the things are the same except that the slider came to the right side of the screen, instead of the top. like before versions pressing volume button won’t change the Ringtone volume but it will change the media volume. This simple trick will avoid blast sounds when you accidentally turn on some audio. Android pie is giving more Bluetooth options as in allowing five devices to connect simultaneously. Also, the phone now remembers the volume of the device it was connected.


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