How To Text A Photo

Do you want a comprehensive tutorial for learning how to text a photo from your smartphone and How to Add Text to a Photo? If “Yes,” then consider yourself at the right place. I will tell you some of the best websites and apps to share your photos with friends or family members.

It is an era of science and technology where everything is changing revolutionary. Gone are the days when people have to rely on the traditional photographs. You can purchase a high-tech digital camera from the internet, which will produce the best quality pictures. I will tell you here how to text a photo through MMS and other top applications.


How to Text a Photo with MMS

People like MMS for texting their photographs than installing unknown apps. Pictures will not remain private if the selected app does not offer privacy security. You would have noticed that applications ask the access to your gallery, messages, contacts, and other stuff. Therefore, people avoid installing unnecessary apps for keeping their data safe.

how to text a photo

Moreover, no need to install any MMS setting in the smartphone because the cellular providers preset these. However, you can call your mobile network provider for MMS settings. They will send you settings that you would have to install on your smartphone.

You can text pictures to your loved ones through MMS. It is the same as sending a text message from a smartphone. Do you not know how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo within few moments? Let me tell you how to send an MMS so you can share photographs without downloading any application. However, you need to turn on MMS Messaging in your mobile.

Install MMS Settings

You are going to learn how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo with MMS, which most people do not know even if they are living in modern world. It is possible that you had not used this feature of your smartphone in the past. However, you will learn how to text a photo is comfortable with it. It is essential to make sure that your handset has the right MMS Settings.

You can create an MMS by opening message list from the menu of your phone. Moreover, an SMS becomes an MMS when you attach a picture. Attach the photo and send it to your loved ones by entering their phone numbers in the specific box.

You can insert your picture by clicking on the attach button. You will see a full list of all gallery photographs after clicking on the attachment. Select here the images that you want to text your friends or family members.

Select A Photo From Gallery

You can MMS any picture of your gallery within few seconds. When you select any image from your smartphone gallery, MMS option appears on the share list. Moreover, you can choose many photographs at one time. However, MMS size must not increase the limit, or you will not be able to send it to anyone.

If you want to share a photo from your phone gallery, find the plus button and click on it. A new window with different options will appear below, tap “Choose from Gallery.” It will open gallery or photo album of your mobile. Select and enlarge the photos that you want to share with your contact.

how to text a photo

Photographs will show Check Marks when selected successfully. However, you can choose not more than ten pictures. Click on the “Done” but after selecting your favorite photographs. You can review the selected images by swiping right or left. Click on the “X” mark if you feel any selected photo is terrible. Tap on the send button when you think chosen images worth sharing with your loved ones.

What Are Most Famous Photo-Sharing Options?

It is better to keep your data safe by avoiding installing fraudulent applications. However, it does not mean at all that you can trust any app for sharing your favorite photographs. In this regard, photo-sharing applications are popping up in the market every day. I will tell you how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo by using some of the most trusted applications. You can use these apps for editing your photographs especially if you want to give them a professional touch.

Let us discuss some of the most trusted and commonly used photo-sharing applications and websites.


It should not be astonishing to you how to text a photo is comfortable with the WhatsApp. You only need a phone number and internet connection to use this application. Moreover, you can check the statuses of sent messages as well as can star messages to them later.

It blends multimedia messages and provides a platform where you can share you can share your photographs. Read below and learn how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo by using this application on your smartphone.

You can free download WhatsApp from Store. After finishing the installation, it will ask your cell number to create a new account. However, you can use an existing account if already have one. Create a new account within few seconds.

It will automatically verify your number by sending a message. There will be code in it, but you would not have to put it manually if using the same cell number. However, write code if your provided phone number is different.

Add your contacts by sending them an invitation to join WhatsApp. However, you will find the contacts, already using this application, on the list. Start a new conversation with a connection to phone list. Then, you can share all your favorite photographs with each other. Moreover, attaching pictures is not a hard task in WhatsApp. Click on the “paperclip” icon and select an existing image from your phone gallery.

Let me tell you how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo in another way. This feature allows you to share your instant photographs. Make it possible by clicking on the camera icon. Find it on the right side of the message field. Tap on it and take the latest picture to share it with your selected contact by clicking the check button.


Skype is a famous and one of the most used applications in all over the world. It launched in 2003, and there are over millions of its users. You can use it on your desktop as well as on smartphones in the same way. It will allow sharing photos, videos, and other files with your contacts.

You can download and install skype on your mobile as other applications. Moreover, you can directly visit the official website of Skype to create a new account. It will not start downloading at the site unless you create a new account or provide any existing account details.

Visit app store from your smartphone for downloading and installing it within few minutes. Furthermore, you will not have to create an account, at the app store, for starting the installation process. Hence, the process will complete in few moments, and you will be ready to share your photographs with contacts. You can add Contacts by sending them an add contact request. Click on the add contact, give your contact’s Skype name/number, and send the request. They will appear in the contact list after accepting your invitation.

People use Skype for sharing their photos and videos free. It might be surprising to you that there is no file size limit. Hence, you can attach photographs as many as want. Let me tell you how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo by using Skype.

When you see your contact in the list, select it to open the chat window. Now, click on the + button, select a photograph, and click on the Send.


Viber is another one of the most trusted messaging applications used worldwide. It ensures end-to-end encryption security, so you can consider it a safe app. Visit Google Store and install it on your smartphone to share your files including photos, videos, etc. with your loved ones.

Indeed, new messaging applications are popping up in the market. However, you cannot rely on any request to access your data. Fake applications can use your data so you must select a secure messaging app.

You can use this application for sharing your photographs without getting worried about your data mishandling. Moreover, Viber itself cannot see your pictures, and your data will remain yours. It allows you to delete a bad image from the chat conversation. A deleted photograph will not be any more visible to you and your friend. Let read how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo by using Viber on your smartphone.

First, download and install it by following instructions. Create an account and add contacts to share photographs and other data with them. After adding people, select them for starting a new conversation and sending your favorite pictures.

Let me explain the entire process from launching the application to sending a photograph. After completing the installation, find Viber in the main menu list. You can search for the icon that has a phone with a purple background.

Start it and look for the chat icon on the bottom side. You will see here all of your conversations with contacts. Select the person you want to share your photograph by tapping on his/her name. It will open a new chat window on the screen.

You can send photos to your contact in two ways. It will allow you to share an existing picture from your phone gallery. Moreover, you can take and post newly-taken photos by using camera support feature of this application.

Viber allows its users to share their instant photographs with contacts. Indeed, you would like this feature after learning how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo with few clicks. If you want to share your newly taken pictures, tap on the “Plus” icon. Again, a list of different choices will appear on your mobile screen. Tap on “Take Photo” button to open camera of the smartphone.


It might be surprising to you that Instagram gained popularity by the last few years. You will find it a simple app for sharing your happy moments with friends and family members. However, you will have to create an account after downloading this application.

Visit Google App Store, install it on your smartphone the same as other applications. It will allow you to connect with the people, who match your taste, from all over the globe. Moreover, you can follow your colleagues, friends, and family members to see what they share.

It is not hard to understand how to text a photo by using Instagram. However, it will offer many photo-editing tools and features. Therefore, you will have to spend time on discovering and learning various creative tools of this application. Hence, it is an application for the people who want to share their photos after editing.

You can share your favorite pictures with contacts in private messages. Moreover, it allows you to post your Instagram photographs on other famous social websites. Join Instagram if you want a social platform for over 500 million people.


Flickr will reveal how to text a photo privately and safely is smooth than the past. You can name it among the great websites for sharing photographs. It will be up to you that text a photo in private message or share with the whole world. Moreover, you will find special effects and filters for editing your image before sharing.

Flickr allows photo sharing with all people, or you can limit the audience to specific members. Professional photographers love Flickr for displaying their creative work to the whole world. In the past, the Flickr was the only choice for sharing photos since Yahoo introduced it, as a photo-sharing tool, in the market for the first time.


You can expect everything on this photo-sharing website. It is a place for photography lovers who want to target people from all over the world. Therefore, it would remain a right decision if you need secure storage. You will ever enjoy it and never be bored again in your life. It will make easier to share your happy moments with your loved ones if they are far away.

How to Add Text to a Photo

You will find how to text a photo on Tumblr is as simple as sending a private message. However, you can use it for sharing written contents, videos, or personal photographs. It allows its users to post whatever they want on their Tumblr. You can share other people’s work too. People will do the same with your Tumblr stuff. This way, you will meet people with the same interests on this social platform. Moreover, people name it an easy to use the application as compared to other photo-sharing applications.


How to Add Text to a PhotoYou can name it one of the best photo-sharing applications since over 200 million people are already using this smart app. It is entirely free to install it from Play Store and enjoy its amazing features. Before you know how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo from Muzy, I would like to mention that it includes collages and some others essential photo editing tools.

Moreover, you can save your edited picture as well as can share it with your friends and family. It allows users to share their photographs through emails or MMS.  Save your image or share it on Facebook or Twitter, it will be entirely up to you. Let us read about some of the best features of Muzy photo-sharing app.

After installing Muzy, you can add different effects to your photographs. Furthermore, it will allow you to collage your favorite picture. You will find all essential tools for editing your photos before sharing. It offers unlimited uploads and storage without any cost.


It is a worldwide famous online social networking service where you can send or read short messages. You can tweet, text a photo or messages with less than 140 characters, on it. Registered users can see and post tweets of other people. However, you will be able to see other tweets only without registration. Let me tell you how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo by using Twitter.

You should tweet your photographs of the high quality, so your friends appreciate when they see it. Moreover, you can use effects and filters to make your pictures perfect. You will find more subscribers to this app than others. It will provide you a social platform where all of your friends will be posting their photographs for a long time. Do not wait for any more to see what is happening in the world around you. Join it, and enjoy sharing pictures or texting favorite quotes.


It is hard to find persons who do not use Facebook. You can use it for sharing your happy moments with friends. Moreover, you can download “Messenger” to chat with your friends. Let’s start how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo by using Facebook messenger.

How to Add Text to a Photo

In this regard, you would have to create an account before using messenger app. Therefore, install the Facebook app or visit the website of Facebook to create a new account. If you already have a Facebook, it is the time to install messenger app. After installation, switch your facebook account with the messenger to enjoy private messaging with friends.

It is not necessary to install Messenger app for chatting with Facebook contacts. You can use main message feature of Facebook. Furthermore, not need to worry about the privacy since Facebook ensures the protection of private messages. Photographs and other materials of your personal chat will not be visible to anyone else.

Google Photos

How to Add Text to a PhotoIt is a smart app for sharing and storing photos. However, many of you might have never used it before. You can see it in the menu list or visit App Store to install it on your smartphone. Let me tell you how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo by using Google Photos is more straightforward than other apps.

You will never regret having this app on your smartphone because of it so many advantages. It will automatically back up your pictures so you can access them later. Moreover, you can view and download your photographs from other devices. It will enable you to exchange photos with your Google contacts by following some simple steps.

It is easy to share photographs using Google Photos. Tap on Create Link from Share menu, select up to 500 pictures and send them to desired contacts. You should try various filters and effects to add charm in your photographs before others see them. At Google Photos, you can create collages of your most favorite newly taken photos.

Why Are Photo Sharing Sites Becoming Popular

Photo sharing is becoming more popular with each passing day. It seems people want to post every particular moment of their life on the social sites. It is the time to think about how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo by using some of the most common communication applications.

Everyone has a smartphone with built-in cameras. Mobile manufacturers are offering HD and DSLR cameras so you can shoot pictures with highest possible quality. Moreover, you will not find any person in the present world who has a smartphone and does not like shooting.

If you love taking shots of the beautiful scenes around you, then consider using photo-sharing apps. These applications will take you to a platform where you can see the happy moments of your selected community members or contacts. In the same way, your contacts will see your posted photographs. However, you can block any user to look at your pic that you want to hide from him/her. Furthermore, you can limit the audience and make it appear to only specific selected contacts.

Enjoy Photo-Sharing and How to Add Text to a Photo

These top apps will tell you how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo from your phone. Moreover, you can try anyone to share your happy moments with friends and family members. Install an app where you can edit your photographs before sharing them on any social platform.

There were days when people used to show printed photographs of their weddings or birthdays. Now, people use applications to share their happy moments of life with their friends and family. It is an era of technology where photo-sharing applications are developing to make the living of people more comfortable than before. They know how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo from the social sites so that others can see it just a few moments later of posting.

You must avoid the photo-sharing app if it does not ensure privacy. In this regard, make sure that your messages will have end-to-end security encryption. Fake applications will use your photographs for their business.

Therefore, think well before installing any application for sharing pictures with your friends. However, you can trust my mentioned applications since all of these are secure. You can read reviews of their existing customers before pressing the Install button. Indeed, you have studied all about how to text a photo and How to Add Text to a Photo from your mobile. It is the time to try any option as mentioned above and let others know what attracts you the most.


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